Hideo Kojima in London 2010

Friday 18th of June & Saturday 19th of June:

I went to both of Hideo Kojima’s signing at HMV and at Uniqlo. As expected there was a long line at both events. Turned up quite late for the first one. But…. I queued up at 11 pm for the Uniqlo one, well ahead of the signing (at 11am).

This is the first time I’ve ever camped out on the streets. Was an interesting experiance, but I’d only do it again, if It was really worth it. Not sleeping for 30+ hours is bad, and gives you horrible dreams. Probably line up for next gen console. Sadly I wouldn’t queue up that early again for Hideo Kojima (maybe for cooler goodies). Me and my mates started queueing up at 12pm outside Uniqlo for the signing at 11am, where we found 3 other people who were there before us. The reason for showing up so early was that the first 20 people were given a goody bag: Free copy of the game, Free T-Shirt and snacks. I’d have to say, it wasn’t quite worth the wait, as the day before I bought the game for the first signing. and the T-shirt could of just been bought from the store. I did save 40 pounds, but I lost lots of sleep. Anyway I have 2 signed copies of the game (on both HMV version of the cover and the normal version).

Sadly, like the signing I went to in Hong Kong, the security was strict. Only signing the game in HMV, and signing only one item at Uniqlo. Also at Uniqlo, he was not signing any t-shirts, which is kinda stupid, since they were selling t-shirts. Noone could sneak in other things to sign, like in the one I went to last year. So I feel really bad for all the real fans out there who couldn’t get their MGS1 signed or their art books. Also they didn’t allow me to pose for the handshake with Kojima. I was told “no posing” and was pushed aside, by the security guy. Sucks, cos Kojima posed for me.

Anyway, commencing Picture dump:


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